individual financing

Instant financing starting from 5,000 thousand pounds up to 200 thousand pounds to cover the cash cycle of small projects

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Financing Advantages

Working capital financing to improve the cash flow cycle

The amount of financing ranges from 5 thousand pounds to 200 thousand pounds

Fund disbursement within 48 hours

Pay in monthly installments

Repayment period from 6 months to 24 months

Increasing the amount of financing when the installment payment dates are adhered to without any arrears

Target groups

Personal financing for individuals who own micro-enterprises in all sectors and fields within the target customer’s home.

Projects in which a limited number of people work

Low-income projects Projects that do not have a commercial registry

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Terms and Conditions

The applicant must be an Egyptian national

Age between 21 and 65 years

The applicant must be the owner of an existing project

Present a valid national ID card

Submit a national ID card to the guarantor

Utility receipt

A copy of a recent commercial register

Recent tax card photo

A copy of the lease or ownership contract for the place of business of the client.

A copy of the certificate of practicing the medical profession for the client.

A copy of the activity license / practice card.