Lending to women "Quattro"

Financing for women owners of small projects, whether commercial, industrial or service activities, and the amount of financing starts from three thousand pounds up to 18 thousand pounds

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Financing Advantages

Working capital financing for cash cycle management

The amount of financing ranges from 3 thousand pounds up to 18 thousand.

Fund disbursement within 48 hours

Pay in monthly installments

Repayment period from 6 months to 18 months

Increasing the amount of financing when the installment payment dates are adhered to without any arrears

Providing full support for women to develop their projects

Financing the client equivalent to 50% of the value of the working capital

Target groups

Personal finance for individuals who own small businesses.

Women who own existing projects, whether fixed or mobile, provided that they have practical experience in the field of the project to be financed

Small family business

low-income projects

Projects that do not have a commercial register


Terms and Conditions

To be an Egyptian funding student

Age between 18 years to 21 years

Presenting a valid national ID card to the customer

Present a valid national ID card to the guarantor

Utility receipt

There must be 2 guarantors, at least one of them of the first degree.